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We make inserts for steel fallers.

Petros holds extensive stocks of the more common press fit inserts and pre glued inserts and manufactures others to order within short lead times.

Petros manufactures to original equipment specifications and is approved by most major machine manufactures.

The product range covers:

NSC GN/GC machines

Mackie, Sant Andrea, Cognetex, Textima, HMG

Petros offers two different methods of re pinning, other than loose pins, for the high speed steel faller bars. Used in wool and synthetic fibre gill box applications.

These are:

  • Press fit strips
  • Pre glued

Press fit are made for both NSC GC faller and the GN faller bar. This is an easier and quicker method then gluing. With our new design of insert with inter lock. This holds firm in the faller bar. We do recommend that while inserting faller slot is clean and free of any dirt. We have also found that if bar is slightly warmed a better tighter fit is archived.

Pre glued are specially suited where there is variation in faller bar slot dimensions, the steel faller bar is heated in a heat master machine and as the pre glued insert is slowly pushed into the slot the adhesive melts and bonds to the steel.

Fallers has produced a comprehensive range of technical order sheets to assist all customers when ordering fallers or inserts. The advantages are:

A customer check list, simplify the order process

100% order accuracy, avoiding costly errors fallers keeps a permanent record of all specifications.

Petros offers a total in-house manufacturing solution, with over 40 years experience of repinning solutions. In addition to a dedicated injection molding division equipped with modern production machinery.