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Astrotec Disposable Faller Bars


Petros textiles manufactures the ASTROTEC Disposable Faller Bars. Made from complex recipe of nylon, glass and tensile steel made with anti static properties. It is immensely strong, yet designed to break in the event of a lap , avoiding further damage to other more costly parts in the head.All ASTROTEC disposable fallers are colour coded de-noting number of pins per cm. ASTROTEC completely eliminates the need for repining and its associated skills. It conducts electricity which increases yarn quality, and weights only 40% of a convectional steel faller bar so reduces chain wear, noise levels and power consumption.

ASTROTEC is a precision moulded product, the pins being moulded directly into the bar, giving the benefit of a brand new faller bar every time, with most precise pinning alignment possible. ASTROTEC is used as standard by many companies and has undergone extensive trials with major machinery manufacturers. Will supply fallers to run in all models of NSC Schlumberger gill boxes. From GC 12 through to GC 30 chain gills.

For customers wishing to try ASTROTEC for the first time, Petros offers technical support to ensure the full product benefits are experienced. ASTROTEC is available for all leading chain driven machines, both high and low back, with various set overs, pin projections and the option of flat or round-pins. For best results Petros would advise fitting a full set of ASTROTEC but the product can work effectively mixed with existing faller bars.

We have been developing the ASTROTEC faller bar concept since 1989, we have gone through years of trials and development work to get the ASTROTEC where it us today. It is subject continually, to ongoing development. Be aware of similar competitors products which are just poor copies of our last ASTROTEC type.